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4th of July Parade Participation Application

  1. Address of contact person
  2. Please indicate: walkers, vehicle, or BOTH.
  3. Number of vehicles you are having represent the organization/ business in the parade. If this does not apply please put N/A
  4. Number of people you are having represent the organization/business in the parade. If this does not apply please put N/A
  5. Waiver
    Waiver and Release: In consideration of the City of Westlake granting me and my minor children the permission to engage in and assume the risk of recreational activities and/or exercise programs with the Westlake Recreation Department, I/ we agree to assume the risk of such activityand/or exercise and further agree to release, hold harmless and indemnify the City of Westlake, its employees, agents and independent contractors conducting the recreational activity and/or exercise program from any and all claims, suits, losses or related causes of action for damages, including but not limited to, such claims that may result from my/our injury or death, accidental or otherwise, from whatever cause including, but not limited to infections, loss of property, personal injury to me/us or the act or failure to act by the City of Westlake or its employees, agents or independent contractors. The undersigned further assumes the risk of all dangerous conditions in and about the City of Westlake Recreation Department property both real and personal and waive any and all specifi c notice of the existence of such dangerous conditions, if any.Registrants and participants of programs and special events permit the taking of photos and videos of themselves and their children during the Department activities for publication in the program brochure, website, and additional uses as the Department deems necessary. Furthermore, the release bars claims by the undersigned’s children, heirs, assigns, executors and administrators.
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