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Crocker Park Construction


Crocker Park Design Guidelines and Applications

For all storefront and signage in Crocker Park please contact the Crocker Park Tenant Coordinator for all permits and approval letter. The application is a joint application requiring the signature of the development (Crocker Park) and the applicant as well as an approved letter from Crocker Park. 


Dover Village Design Guidelines


To view various maps such as the Zoning Map and an interactive GIS system, visit the Maps page.

Guide Plan

About Us

The Planning Department administers plans and programs for the orderly development of the City of Westlake. Planning oversees the development and updating of the city’s guide plan, planning and platting code, and zoning code. The department reviews all development plans and land subdivisions to determine compliance with the city’s codes for zoning, development and signs, and reviews construction plans and inspects completed projects to determine their compliance with approved development plans and zoning codes.


  • Consulting with prospective applicants, residents, developers and property owners
  • Administering the platting and planning code, the zoning code and the sign ordinance
  • Providing staff support to the Planning Commission, the Board of Zoning Appeals, and the Board of Building appeals by reviewing applications, preparing agendas, legal notices and meeting minutes and notifying affected property owners
  • Administering the design guidelines and the storefront and sign criteria for Crocker Park
  • Administration and implementation of plans and programs for the comprehensive and orderly development of the city including the Westlake Guide Plan and special studies such as the Westlake Citywide Bike Plan.
  • When it comes to keeping Westlake beautiful, the Planning Department oversees the city’s participation in the local competition Westlake in Bloom.

To request a zoning classification letter, please email Note: letters only provide a zoning classification for the property. For more in-depth information per the Ohio Sunshine Laws, our files and records are available for you to view and research from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.