Utility Construction

Columbia Gas and its contractor Infrasource are getting set to begin a betterment project in Westlake. They will be installing roughly 4,500 feet of new pipe serving 82 homes on Forest Parkway, Maple Drive, Chestnut Drive, Beechwood Drive and Elmwood Drive. The project will enhance the system in the neighborhood and ensure Columbia can continue delivering safe and reliable natural gas with enough capacity.

What to expect:

  • Preconstruction camera work is underway and crews will formally begin with installation of the new gas mainline once it is complete in the next few days.
  • Once the gas mainline is installed and put into service, they’ll follow-up with service line replacements for individual homes.
  • Service line replacements take about 2-4 hours per property and include a brief service disconnection. Indoor meters will be relocated outside as well. Crews will reach out to schedule an appointment with each property once they get to this phase.
  •  As for restoration, Columbia will temporarily restore all property to ensure safety and accessibility and then follow-up with permanent restoration as the project nears completion.
  •  As for traffic, please expect some congestion in work zones, but flaggers will be on-hand to get all motorists through safely.
  •  Columbia thanks everyone for their patience and understanding. Contact information included below for any questions or concerns pertaining to the project.

Check the map below to determine whether your property may be affected. Questions and inquiries may be directed to: 

Ben Cutler, MBA | Public Affairs Specialist | Columbia Gas of Ohio
Cell: 216-215-4103 (call/text)

Affected Properties

Forest Parkway Betterment Project Map