Juvenile Diversion Program


The Juvenile Diversion Program is overseen and operated by the Westlake Juvenile Diversion Commission. The Juvenile Diversion Program is designed to divert children who violate the law away from the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court system. Juveniles are provided an opportunity to appear before a local Magistrate and Youth Commissioner who work with juveniles and their parents/guardians to resolve the matter. At the conclusion of the Juvenile Diversion hearing, the Magistrate/Youth Commissioner will assign specific consequences, which may include, but are not limited to: community service, apology letters, essays, participation in educational programs, and/or engagement in services for mental health or substance abuse. Program staff/volunteers collaborate with the juvenile and parents/guardians to ensure that the sanctions administered are tailored to the juvenile’s specific needs.


The goal of the Juvenile Diversion Program is to work with families to prevent future delinquent and/or unruly behaviors by juveniles. The first step in correcting these behaviors is for juveniles to recognize that their actions were wrong. As such, entry into the program is contingent upon the juvenile accepting responsibility for his/her transgression and admitting to the delinquency and/or unruly charge. Upon successful completion of the program, all diversion and police department records related to the juvenile’s case are automatically expunged without further action by the juvenile or parent/guardian.

Juvenile Diversion Commission


  • Tracy Heberle, Magistrate
  • Holly Sullivan, Magistrate
  • Judy Boey, Youth Commissioner
  • Mary Beth Schneidler, Youth Commissioner
  • Mary Kalassay, Youth Coordinator

Advisory Officer

  • Richard Lea, Detective
  • Ron Boots, Detective 


The Advisory Officer refers juvenile delinquency and unruly cases to the Youth Coordinator, who assigns the cases to Magistrate/Youth Commissioner teams responsible for presiding over Juvenile Diversion hearings.