Law Department

  1. Westlake can now publish public hearing notices electronically

    The City of Westlake now has the option to publish certain public hearing notices electronically in lieu of using print in a local newspaper, pursuant to a City Charter amendment voters passed in November 2020. Read on...
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The Law Department represents the City in all legal matters and pursues and defends all actions on behalf of the City or against the City in all Ohio and United States courts or agencies - from filing through discovery, trial and any necessary appellate work.

Department Responsibilities

  • Works with the Mayor, City Council and the Administration to ensure enforcement of the Codified Ordinances and Charter of the City of Westlake
  • Prepares ordinances and resolutions for passage by the legislative body
  • Prepares easements and other related documents for large public improvement projects
  • Prepares and reviews all contracts for tax abatements, necessary services and supplies, cooperative agreements with other political subdivisions, cellular tower co-location agreements, lease agreements, land purchase agreements, and miscellaneous contracts and agreements
  • Attends Council, Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals, Civil Service, Council Committee, Staff and other miscellaneous meetings as requested
  • Provides daily rendering of legal opinions and advice to Council, Mayor, and Administration
  • Continually updates and improves the Codified Ordinances of the City of Westlake
  • Prosecutes all actions on behalf of the City of Westlake in Rocky River Municipal Court, as well as provides legal opinions, advice and support to the Police Department
  • Monitors the City's Land Bank program
  • Processes all tax exempt land applications on behalf of the City
  • Administers the City's gas and electric aggregation programs
  • Acts as the consumer complaint division for cable television
  • ADA Grievance Procedure
  • Department of Law attorneys are not permitted to give personal legal advice. Those needing legal advice or assistance should contact private attorneys or the Legal Aid Society