Programs & Services

Smoke Detector Program

In an effort to assist the Westlake community, the Fire Department offers the Smoke Detector Program in conjunction with Community Services Department’ Outreach Coordinator to identify and place smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in Westlake households that cannot afford them.
The qualifications for the program include:
  • You live in the City of Westlake
  • You own and live in your home
  • You are living on a low income, are a senior citizen or are disabled
If you fit these criteria and wish to request the installation of smoke alarms in your home, please call Westlake Fire Prevention Division at 440-835-6422, Westlake Fire Department at 440-871-3441, or Community Services’ Outreach Coordinator at 440-899-3544.


Whether you live in a rented house or apartment, your landlord is required to provide you with a working smoke alarm. Tenants are responsible for maintaining the smoke alarm(s) in good working condition.

Education & Public Service Programs

To schedule any of the programs listed, please call Martha Campbell at 440-617-4128 or
School Service


  • Learn Not To Burn: Fire personnel teach fire safety to school children, ages prekindergarten through grade 5, using innovative, multimedia learning programs.
  • Emergency evacuation procedures and plans: The department helps prepare emergency evacuation routes and procedures for homes and businesses.
  • Juvenile fire-setter counseling: Education and counseling programs are presented to children who are exhibiting interest in playing with fire.
  • General safety programs: The department will tailor a presentation to fit the specific needs for a residence or business.
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR): Fire personnel teach classes on adult, child and infant CPR on a pre-scheduled basis. Also available are CPR classes specifically for a family, a business or a community group. Note: These are NOT American Heart Certified classes.
  • First aid training: We will provide your group with general first-aid training, or with training specific to a situation or hazard you might face. Note: These are NOT American Heart Certified classes.
  • Automatic external defibrillator training: The Fire Department encourages all facilities to obtain an AED and will assist in training company personnel.
  • Paramedic demonstration: Paramedics will show the advanced skills and equipment they use to save lives.
  • Fire station tours: Tours are available for large or small groups of any age.
  • Emergency vehicle demonstrations: Want to see a ladder truck set up? The "jaws of life" in use? An emergency medical simulation? The Fire Department is happy to provide demonstrations for groups.
  • Tornado safety: The Fire Department will assist in planning appropriate safety measures to take when a tornado strikes.
  • Event speakers: Innovative programs can be adapted specifically to a group or topic. Have an idea? Give us a call!

Fire Prevention Services

Westlake offers fire prevention services to city residents as well as businesses in the city. To schedule any of these services, please call Martha Campbell at 440-835-6422.


  • General inspections of businesses: The Fire Prevention Bureau oversees the fire safety inspections of all businesses and public buildings.

    Note: If your business was invited to participate in the self-inspection program based upon your demonstrated awareness of fire safety in the workplace, please complete the Business Self-Inspection Form and email to the Westlake Fire Prevention Office. Please contact Fire Prevention with any questions.

  •  Holiday & Decorative Materials Safety Information
  • Review of building plans and sprinkler systems: The bureau works closely with the Westlake Building Department and Westlake Planning Department to ensure that all fire safety regulations are met. The department reviews new and revised plan reviews for the following so that life safety is optimized:
    • Sprinkler
    • Fire alarm
    • Kitchen hoods
    • Building remodels
    • Development plans
    • Site plans
    • Underground fire lines
  • Hydrant testing: Hydrants are serviced and tested on a semi-annual basis to make sure they work properly.
  • Facility emergency preplans: The Fire Department maintains building plans of public buildings in Westlake to ensure a prompt and effective fire suppression response.
  • Witnessing of life safety systems tests: The bureau witnesses the commercial life safety systems tests to ensure that the systems are operating correctly and repairs are followed up in a timely manner:
    • Annual fire alarm and sprinkler
    • Semi annual kitchen hoods
    • FM200
    • Spray booths
    • Private hydrants
    • Standpipes