Snow & Ice

Duties & Responsibilities

All service personnel are trained in snow plowing City streets. They are plowed and salted in the following order:
  • Main streets
  • Secondary streets
  • Side streets and developments 
Service Department snowplow trucks are prohibited from plowing driveways or towing private vehicles.
Snow Plow Clearing Streets

Safety and Useful Tips

Please review the following tips whether this is your first winter in Ohio or you have lived here all your life, and especially with any new drivers in your household.
Snow Information Brochure (PDF).

Weather Information

Please listen to weather Information provided by news channels and radio stations.

If they tell you it is not a good idea to drive due to icy or snow conditions and suggest to stay home, we usually suggest taking their advice.

Snow Plows

Stay back at least 50 feet when following the snow plow or salt truck. Drivers cannot see a vehicle following closely behind them. If you can’t see their mirrors, they can’t see you!
Dont crowd the plow safety tips

At Your Home or Business

Residents and business owners have responsibilities that are outlined in City Ordinances cited below. Your efforts help keep our community safer during the winter months.

Please remember to:

  • Keep sidewalks clear of ice and snow. Please keep in mind that school children depend on walks to be kept clear for walking to and from school. City Ordinance 1381.13 (b) requires sidewalks to be cleared within a reasonable time, ordinarily not to exceed 24 hours after a snow storm. 
  • Shovel a path from the street to fire hydrants.
  • Do not shovel, plow, or push snow into the street or across the street onto a tree lawn. This can cause a traffic hazard for neighbors and those traveling on city streets. Homeowners who do may be cited per City Ordinance 1381.13 (c).
  • Residents should pile snow to the left side of their driveway (looking from the street) to help minimize the amount of snow deposited in your driveway when City trucks clear the roadway. 
  • Clear areas in front of mailboxes to help the post office deliver mail.
  • Do not park vehicles on any streets or cul-de-sacs during snow events exceeding 2 inches per City Ordinance 351.19. 
  • Do not allow children to play in or on snow drifts near streets or roadways!

Mailbox Repairs

Inspect your mailbox prior to snow season. Make sure that it is structurally sound (i.e. all screws/nails/bolts are secure; post is in good condition and seated securely, etc.). Generally our snowplows do not hit mailboxes; however, damage occurs from the weight and force of the snow being plowed off the roadway. For more information on proper mailbox installation, view the mailbox specifications (PDF)

 If your mailbox was damaged by a city snow plow, please contact the Service Department at 440-835-6432.